The Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system is the web-based software application through which all NRMPI Matches are managed.

Confidentiality and Security

The R3 system maintains the highest level of security and confidentiality. 

To participate in a Match, users must create a unique username and password that affords them access to the R3 system. This information belongs to the individual, not the institution, program, or medical school, and it is a violation of the Match Participation Agreement if a user allows another individual to use personal login credentials to access the R3 system.

The R3 System is:

  • Password protected and thus highly secure because only individuals participating in a Match are provided access.
  • Confidential, ensuring ranking information submitted by a Match participant is visible only to individuals connected with the Match.
  • Entirely web-based and thus can be used with any computer with access to the Internet.

Providing Organizations and Applicants with Flexibility

Designed to provide organizations with the ability to customize a Match to suit their needs, R3 allows Match participants to:

  • Register for a Match and enter/update personal information;
  • Modify existing program information, including the number of positions to be offered in a Match;
  • Review user guides that include step-by-step instructions for participating in a Match;
  • Search for applicants or programs to place on rank order lists;
  • Submit certified copies of rank order lists;
  • Access individual Match results and Match statistics at the conclusion of a Match.