Match Process

NRMP International provides accurate, reliable, and unbiased matching services.  Web-based technology makes a Match accessible from anywhere in the world, and the algorithm used to determine placement prioritizes the preferences of applicants.  Comprehensive policies ensure that all participants in a Match are treated equally and that they follow the same rules and deadlines.  Read more about what a partnership with NRMPI offers.

The Rank Order List

The rank order list, commonly referred to as a ROL, allows applicants and program directors to attempt to match for training.
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Matching Algorithm

NRMPI uses a mathematical algorithm to place applicants into training positions. The process begins with an attempt to match an applicant to the program most preferred on that applicant’s rank order list (ROL).
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Nobel Prize

Read about how research on the mathematical algorithm used by NRMP-I was a basis for awarding The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 2012.
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The R3 System

The Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system is the web-based software used by NRMPI to manage its Matching Programs.
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