Match Outcome Reports

Match outcome reports created at the conclusion of a Match can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the entity sponsoring the Matching Program. 

Among those typically available are:

  • Match Results Statistics: displays the number of applicants and programs in the Match and the numbers of matched applicants and positions filled.  Match results statistics also can be generated for each medical specialty participating in the Match.
  • List of Unfilled Programs: identifies programs with unfilled positions at the conclusion of the Match.
  • List of Unmatched Applicants: identifies applicants who did not obtain positions during when the matching algorithm was processed.
  • Confidential Roster of Program’s Matched Applicants: displays a list of the applicants matched to the program, as well as the number of positions offered, the number of applicants who were matched to the program, and the number of unfilled positions remaining after the Match.
  • Match Results by Ranked Applicant: displays all applicants ranked by a program director, along with the location of each applicant’s match.