About NRMP International

National Resident Matching Program International® (NRMPI®) is a subsidiary of the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1952 to help medical students in the United States obtain clinical training after graduation.

Prior to creation of NRMP, obtaining a residency training position was chaotic and disorganized. Many students received competing offers from programs with little to no time to consider which offer was best. Offers also were presented to students too early in their medical education, before they had had time to decide their preferred specialty. The NRMP minimized that chaos by setting a uniform date for appointments to graduate medical education programs. For more than 60 years, the NRMP has stayed true to its founding principles:

  • Maintain a neutral venue for matching program directors’ and applicants’ preferences
  • Allow applicants and program directors time to consider all options before making decisions
  • Establish a uniform date for appointments to graduate medical education programs
  • Use a mathematical algorithm that ensures the best possible placement into training

Since its inception, the NRMP has become known as a highly reputable organization recognized for its fairness, transparency, and integrity, as well as the accuracy of its results. NRMP International can assist public and private agencies around the world to achieve that same level of success. NRMPI matching services are:

  • Entirely web-based, so users can access NRMPI’s secure Registration, Ranking and Results® (R3®) system from anywhere in the world
  • Simple, effective and fair because all participants are held to the same rules and deadlines
  • Conducted by a staff that respects cultural differences and works collaboratively with other organizations to create a Matching Program that meets the unique needs of the host country

Benefits of working with NRMPI include:

 See our frequently asked questions for more information about the matching process.