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Important Dates

  • 3 June
    Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system open for registration. Rank order list entry begins for applicants and programs.
  • 22 June
    Rank Order List Certification Deadline. Rank order list certification deadline in the R3 system by 11:59:59 p.m. (GMT+4)
  • 21 July
    Results of the 2021 TANSEEQ Residency Match will be released once they have been finalized by the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi. For further information contact


Welcome to TANSEEQ, the Abu Dhabi Residency Program Application and Match service.  TANSEEQ is a comprehensive process that includes the allocation of medical residency posts to facilities, the residency application process, the applicant and program ranking system, and the distribution of applicants to training programs and facilities across Abu Dhabi.  A copy of the HAAD TANSEEQ Standard outlines the terms and conditions for participation.

TANSEEQ standardizes the application process and ensures the integrity of applicant placement through the use of a mathematical algorithm that matches applicants to training programs according to the preferences expressed by both parties through their individualized rank order lists.  The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce that TANSEEQ employs the United States-based National Resident Matching Program International (NRMPI) match software.  If you would like to learn more about the NRMP, visit

Interested applicants should visit the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi webpage for more information on the TANSEEQ criteria and processes.

Application Process

All applicants for TANSEEQ must meet the following eligibility criteria:

(Additional criteria will be determined on an annual basis and made available to all applicants)

  • Successful Pass of UAE Residency Entrance Exam. (All exam results are valid for 24 months after date of examination.)

The residency entrance examination is held at the UAEU FMHS in Al Ain.

  • Medical school degree and completion of medical internship prior to commencement of the residency program.  Note, special rules apply to Non UAE National applicants regarding dates of medical school graduation accepted.
  • Valid Emirates ID at time of TANSEEQ application.

Step 1: Eligible applicants must register and pass the Residency Entrance Examination as conducted by UAE University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Exams are offered periodically all year round.  For more information on exam dates and exam registration, please visit the UAE University webpage at Applicants may not apply to TANSEEQ unless they have passed this examination.

Step 2: Eligible applicants use the TANSEEQ application to apply for residency training programs in Abu Dhabi and indicate the programs which they would like to apply to.  Although the application process is initiated through the Department of Health (DOH)-Abu Dhabi, applications will undergo review by Dataflow FZ-LLC (the primary source verification provider). Applicants are expected to submit payment for verification of credentials as determined by Dataflow. In addition, and as part of the TANSEEQ process, all applications will be forwarded to the Department of Security to obtain security clearance (CID Clearance).  This department is an Abu Dhabi government entity outside of the DOH-Abu Dhabi.

Step 3: Upon successful submission of the TANSEEQ application, applicants interview at the various programs they have selected on their application.  (Rules and Regulations apply)

Step 4: After completing their interviews, applicants submit their list of program preferences to National Resident Matching Program International (NRMPI), the international subsidiary of the United States organization that performs the U.S. residency Matching Program.  Program directors submit their list of preferred applicants as well.

Step 5: The matching process is conducted in partnership with NRMPI.  Applicants will be matched through the use of a mathematical algorithm that places applicants in programs according to the preferences expressed by both parties on their individualized rank order lists with priority given to UAE National applicants.  Match Results are then sent to the DOH-Abu-Dhabi Postgraduate Education Section and are published through the DOH-Abu Dhabi and NRMPI webpages.


Match Registration

Applicants who complete the application and interview process for TANSEEQ will be provided with log in information for the NRMP International secure, web-based Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system to register for the Match.  All participants will register, electronically pledge to the TANSEEQ Standard, and submit rank order lists that will be processed by the matching algorithm.  Placement priority is given to UAE National applicants.

Match Policies

Click on the Standard to review the terms and conditions for participating the TANSEEQ Match.


Abu Dhabi FAQ

Why does NRMPI want my email address? What if I have not received email from NRMPI?

Email is the primary mode of communication used by NRMPI, so you must keep your email current in the Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system. Some email providers use filters to ensure that users do not receive spam (junk email), and those filters can prevent NRMPI messages from getting through to your inbox. Our email address, should be added to your personal contact, address book, “Safe,” or “People I Know” list. If you are not receiving email from NRMPI and your provider does not offer such options, we recommend that you either contact your provider to determine the best way to access such messages or consider using an additional or replacement provider for your primary email address during the matching process.

How can I tell my rank order list is certified and ready to be used in an NRMPI Match?

Your User Status in the R3 system will read “Certified” when your rank order list is final. Also, NRMPI will send a confirmation to your primary email address that includes the number of programs on your list.

Can I make changes to my rank order list (ROL) after I certify it?

Yes, your rank order list (ROL) can be modified any number of times until the Rank Order List Deadline for your Match. No additions, deletions, or changes can be made to your rank order list after the deadline. If you change your certified ROL by adding, moving, or deleting a program, you must recertify it for it to be used in the Match. The R3 system does not save previous versions of your rank order list.

How does the matching algorithm work?

The process begins with an attempt to match an applicant to the program most preferred on that applicant’s rank order list (ROL). If the applicant cannot be matched to that first-choice program, an attempt then is made to place the applicant into the second-choice program, and so on, until the applicant obtains a tentative match or all the applicant’s choices on the ROL have been considered. When the process is complete for all applicants, all tentative matches become final.

How will I know if I have matched to a program?

Match results are released based upon the policies of the Match sponsor.  In most cases, on Match Day, NRMPI Match applicants may log in to the Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system using their username and password and

  1. Find out whether they matched and, if so, to which program, and
  2. View associated reports
What are the requirements to participate in TANSEEQ?

Applicants who wish to participate in TANSEEQ must have

  1. successfully passed the UAE Residency Entrance Exam,
  2. completed medical school and a medical internship, and
  3. proof of valid Emirates ID.

Visit the TANSEEQ website for additional requirements.

Can I participate in TANSEEQ if I am not a citizen of the UAE?

TANSEEQ is open to non-UAE citizens, but placement in residency training program prioritizes UAE nationals.

2021 Match Results

Results of the TANSEEQ 2021 Residency Match have been released. View results

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